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mar. 25 septembre 2018
Yet Another Reo Semantics: Reasoning about Speculative Execution
jeu. 28 juin 2018
Nerve Nets, Omega-regular Languages, and Reo
mar. 12 juin 2018
Verification of Distributed Epistemic Gossip Protocols
mer. 23 mai 2018
A Scala Library for Actor-Based Cooperative Scheduling
mer. 02 mai 2018
Compilation of Reo protocols
mer. 04 avril 2018
Gossip In NetKAT
mer. 21 mars 2018
Partially Commutative Monoids and Computational Content of Classical Logic
mer. 07 février 2018
Deadlock Detection for Actor-based Coroutines
mar. 31 mai 2016
Scheduling of Parallel Applications
mar. 19 janvier 2016
2APL: Expressiveness in Concurrency: The Case of Session-Typed Processes
mar. 08 décembre 2015
Investigating Cooperative Scheduling in Parallel and Distributed Systems
mar. 03 novembre 2015
Equations and coequations for deterministic automata
mar. 06 octobre 2015
Composing Constraint Automata, State-by-State
mar. 28 octobre 2014
eScience, Theory and Experience
mar. 26 août 2014
Virtual Prototyping for Cyber Physical Systems
mer. 30 juillet 2014
A new method for verification of transition systems is presented - part 2
mer. 02 juillet 2014
A new method for verification of transition systems is presented - part 1
mar. 20 mai 2014
Quantitative formalisms of regularity, a partial survey
mar. 29 avril 2014
SE4MCP with Reo Part 2
mar. 15 avril 2014
A decomposition theorem for finite monoid actions
mar. 25 mars 2014
Social Network Simulation Part I: Model Selection for Realistic Social Network Generation
mar. 25 février 2014
Compositional metric reasoning with Probabilistic Process Calculi
mar. 11 février 2014
Towards Practical Verification of Dynamically Typed Programs
mar. 14 janvier 2014
A formalization of bisimulation-up-to techniques and their meta-theory
mar. 07 janvier 2014
Automata learning: a categorical perspective
mar. 03 décembre 2013
Arden's rule and the Kleene-Schützenberger theorem
mar. 19 novembre 2013
Leaving Traces: A Sound and Complete Trace Logic for Concurrent Constraint Programs
mar. 12 novembre 2013
Combining Bialgebraic Semantics and Equations
mar. 12 novembre 2013
Moessner's Theorem: an Exercise in Coinductive Reasoning in Coq
mar. 12 novembre 2013
Syntactic Monoids and Their Dual
mar. 10 septembre 2013
Improving Performance of Simulation Software Using Haskell’s Concurrency and Parallelism
mar. 10 septembre 2013
A Cost-aware Scheduler for High-Throughput Computing in the Cloud
mar. 11 juin 2013
An Implicit Characterization of PSPACE
mar. 04 juin 2013
Coinductive Stream Calculus in Action with Haskell
mar. 28 mai 2013
Code Generation for Reo: Dealing with data constraints (work-in-progress)
mar. 14 mai 2013
Leveraging Cloud Computing in Real-World Situations
mar. 07 mai 2013
The Proto-Runtime Approach to Runtime Systems for Parallel Languages
mar. 02 avril 2013
Modal mu-calculi for Probabilistic Labeled Transition Systems
mar. 26 mars 2013
A Matter of Priority
mar. 19 février 2013
Weak Arithmetic Completeness of Object-Oriented First-Order Assertion Networks - part 2
mar. 22 janvier 2013
Type Inference for Linear Algebra with Units of Measurement
mar. 15 janvier 2013
Weak Arithmetic Completeness of Object-Oriented First-Order Assertion Networks - part 1
mar. 20 novembre 2012
A process-theoretic approach to supervisory coordination
mar. 30 octobre 2012
On the specification of operations on the rational behaviour of systems
mar. 16 octobre 2012
Towards Dynamic Adaptation of the Differential Majority-Rule Solution of the Double Bridge Problem
mar. 02 octobre 2012
A Constraint-based Method to Compute Semantics of Channel-based Coordination Models
mar. 11 septembre 2012
Residuated Park theories
mar. 28 août 2012
Dynamic Delta Modeling
mar. 15 mai 2012
How far can Enterprise Modeling for Banking be supported by Graph Transformation?
mar. 08 mai 2012
Abstract Object Creation in First Order Dynamic Logic: State of the Art in Key
mar. 10 avril 2012
Hierarchical and modular reasoning in complex theories and applications to verification
mar. 03 avril 2012
Similarity-based Web Service Discovery through Soft Constraint Satisfaction Problems
mar. 20 mars 2012
Modularizing and Specifying Protocols among Threads
mar. 06 mars 2012
Programming and Deployment of Active Objects with Application-Level Scheduling
mar. 21 février 2012
Abstract Compilation for Precise Type Analysis of Object-Oriented Languages
mar. 31 janvier 2012
Reactive Turing Machines
mar. 17 janvier 2012
Delta Modeling Workflow
mar. 13 décembre 2011
Coalgebraic Modal Logic, an Introduction
mar. 29 novembre 2011
Examples of the Interplay between Algebra and Coalgebra
jeu. 24 novembre 2011
Determinization constructions: from automata to coalgebras
lun. 07 novembre 2011
Circular Behavioral Reasoning
lun. 07 novembre 2011
Optimal Coin Flipping
lun. 24 octobre 2011
Measuring Progress of Probabilistic Model-Checkers
mar. 11 octobre 2011
The Coinductive Stream Calculus
mar. 27 septembre 2011
Automatic Verification of Real-Time Systems with Rich Data
mar. 20 septembre 2011
The Coalgebraic Approach
mar. 14 juin 2011
Bounded Model-Checking of Unbounded Object Creation
mar. 31 mai 2011
Simulation, testing and implementation of Reo
mar. 17 mai 2011
Reo: Applications in Formalizing Standard Models
mar. 26 avril 2011
Reo: Extended Semantics and Tools
mar. 19 avril 2011
Reo: Basics and Semantics
mar. 05 avril 2011
On the axiomatization of (weighted) language equivalence
mar. 15 mars 2011
An Introduction to K Framework by Examples
mar. 01 mars 2011
An Introduction to Coalgebra and Coinduction, using Regular and Context-free Languages
mar. 22 février 2011
Specifying Interfaces in Java in terms of Communication Histories using Attribute Grammars - part 2
mar. 15 février 2011
Multicore Programming in Object-Oriented Languages
lun. 31 janvier 2011
A Calculational Proof of Moessner’s Theorem
mar. 07 décembre 2010
Model checking GOAL agents
mar. 23 novembre 2010
JOLIE: a service oriented language
mar. 26 octobre 2010
Decidability properties for fragments of CHR
mar. 19 octobre 2010
Coalgebraic Representation Theory of Fractals
mar. 05 octobre 2010
Formalising Domain-Specific Modelling Languages
mer. 15 septembre 2010
Algebraic and Coalgebraic Reasoning in Agent-Based Models -- A Case Study From Ecology
mar. 06 juillet 2010
Message sequence monitoring without code instrumentation
mar. 15 juin 2010
(Abstraction and Refinement of) Timed Constraint Automata in the ECT
mar. 25 mai 2010
Model checking a language with unbounded object creation
mar. 18 mai 2010
Model Transformation & Analysis in Rascal
mar. 11 mai 2010
Strategic Executions of Choreographed Timed Normative Multi-Agent Systems
mar. 13 avril 2010
Specifying Interfaces in Java in terms of Communication Histories using Attribute Grammars - part 1
mar. 16 mars 2010
Creol goes Linda
mar. 02 mars 2010
Delta Modeling
mar. 16 février 2010
Stochastic Activity Networks
mar. 02 février 2010
Compositional and Computable Semantics for Modelling Hybrid Systems
mar. 19 janvier 2010
Verification of Software Product Lines
mar. 15 décembre 2009
Specifying Behavior of Reo in mCRL2
mar. 01 décembre 2009
Logic of Information Flow on Communication Channels
mar. 17 novembre 2009
Abstract Object Creation in Dynamic Logic To Be or Not To Be Created
mar. 12 mai 2009
Mist: The Programming Language
mar. 24 mars 2009
Fault-based Test Case Generation for Component Connectors
mar. 10 février 2009
Tool demonstration
mar. 20 janvier 2009
Models of computation: automata and processes
mar. 23 septembre 2008
A Kleene theorem for polynomial coalgebras
mar. 29 juillet 2008
A Coalgebraic Semantic Framework for Reasoning about UML Sequence Diagrams
mar. 15 juillet 2008
QoS-aware Routing in Infrastructure-less B3G Networks
mar. 08 juillet 2008
Deconstructing Reo
mar. 17 juin 2008
Using Reo for Compliance-driven Design of Service-Oriented Applications
mar. 10 juin 2008
Synchronized Reconfiguration of Hierarchical Reo Connectors
mar. 03 juin 2008
Building mashups with Reo
mar. 20 mai 2008
Two Modal Logics for Coalgebras
mar. 06 mai 2008
Decomposition of Port Automata
mar. 22 avril 2008
Automated deadlock detection in synchronized multithreaded call-graphs
mar. 08 avril 2008
Schedulability analysis of real time actors
mar. 18 mars 2008
Synthesis of Reo Circuits from Scenario-based Specifications
mar. 04 mars 2008
Coupled transformation of data models, instances, queries, and constraints (part II)
mar. 19 février 2008
Coupled transformation of data models, instances, queries, and constraints
mar. 29 janvier 2008
Testing dynamic systems from modal specifications
mar. 15 janvier 2008
Model-Checking Agent Refinement
mar. 11 décembre 2007
Reo Meets Real World: Coordination at your Service.
mar. 04 décembre 2007
Flat modal fixpoint logics
mar. 27 novembre 2007
Coalgebras and their types
mar. 13 novembre 2007
Towards Distributed Reo
mar. 16 octobre 2007
Synthesis of Connectors from Scenario-based Interaction Specifications
mar. 26 juin 2007
An information-theoretic framework for anonymity and the problem of non-determinism.
mar. 19 juin 2007
Discrete dualities for contexts and concepts from formal concept analysis
mar. 05 juin 2007
Subsequential Transducers and Coalgebra
mar. 08 mai 2007
Bisimulations for neighbourhood structures (Part 2)
mar. 24 avril 2007
Bisimulations for neighbourhood structures
mar. 10 avril 2007
Booking Holidays with Linear Logic
mar. 20 mars 2007
Formal languages and computable semantics for continuous mathematics
mar. 27 février 2007
Web Services Choreography and Orchestration in Reo and Constraint Automata
mar. 20 février 2007
2APL: A Practical Agent Programming Language
mar. 06 février 2007
Verification of Rebeca models using symmetry and partial order reduction techniques
mar. 23 janvier 2007
Keeping Secrets in Resource Aware Components
jeu. 11 janvier 2007
Behaviour-aware aggregation and adaptation of Web services
mar. 21 novembre 2006
Component connectors with QoS Guarantees
mar. 24 octobre 2006
Behavioural differential equations and coinduction for binary trees
mar. 17 octobre 2006
Reo Connector Animation
mar. 03 octobre 2006
Connector Colouring Revisited: Preliminary Results
mar. 26 septembre 2006
Modelling and Refinement of Component-based Software Systems: A Coalgebraic Perspective
mar. 05 septembre 2006
Analysing the MUTE Anonymous File-Sharing System Using the Pi-calculus
jeu. 24 août 2006
Distributed Coordination via a Russion Dolls Model of Distributed Object Reflection
jeu. 24 août 2006
Q Automata: Modelling the Resource Usage of Concurrent Components
mar. 15 août 2006
Using Reo and Constraint Automata in Hardware-Software Co-design
mar. 04 juillet 2006
A logic for strong late bisimilarity (Part II)
mar. 06 juin 2006
MoCha: it ain't Java!
mar. 30 mai 2006
A logic for strong late bisimilarity
mar. 09 mai 2006
Creol: A Formal Executable Model of Upgradeable Distributed Objects
mar. 18 avril 2006
Type-based access control: for distributed systems, for components and under attack
mar. 14 mars 2006
SAT-based Verification for Abstraction Refinement
mar. 14 février 2006
Tool-Supported Construction of Graphical Scientific Tools: Reo Web Services Composition Editor and Simulator
mar. 07 février 2006
Trace Semantics for Coalgebras: a Generic Theory (Part 2)
mar. 31 janvier 2006
A tutorial on sequential functions: I - Minimization of sequential transducers; II - Composition, the wreath product principle and its applications
mar. 24 janvier 2006
Trace Semantics for Coalgebras: a Generic Theory
mar. 13 décembre 2005
Inferring type isomorphisms generically
mar. 06 décembre 2005
Revisiting the Coinductive Calculus of Reo Connectors
mar. 15 novembre 2005
From input-output logic to normative multiagent systems
mar. 08 novembre 2005
Constructing Mealy Machines Using Derivatives
mar. 11 octobre 2005
Ontological Perspectives in Modelling the Electrical Power Grid
mar. 21 juin 2005
Controlling Object Allocation Using Creation Guards
mar. 14 juin 2005
Reactive Objects as Components in Reo Circuits
mar. 07 juin 2005
Interaction: Conjectures, Results, Myths
mar. 24 mai 2005
Connector Colouring Semantic Model for Reo Connectors
mar. 10 mai 2005
Behavioral Logics and Abstraction
mar. 19 avril 2005
mar. 12 avril 2005
Coordination and Composition in Multi-Agent Systems
mar. 05 avril 2005
Power tools can make a difference
mar. 22 mars 2005
Specification and Refinement of Reo Connectors I: Framework
mar. 15 mars 2005
Innovation in the Practice of Computer Science Education to follow Bologna
mar. 15 mars 2005
Pointwise-Pointfree Transformations
mar. 08 mars 2005
MoCha-pi, an Exogenous Coordination Calculus (SAC try-out)
mar. 15 février 2005
Closure Properties of Coalgebra Automata
mar. 01 février 2005
Reo Engine - Implementable Semantics for Reo
mar. 18 janvier 2005
OMEGA case study: Mission-critical air-borne system, UML modelling, and formal verification experiments
mar. 07 décembre 2004
Web Service - Current technological and market situation
mar. 23 novembre 2004
Applications of XML transformations
mar. 09 novembre 2004
Reasoning about Reo's Reconfiguration Mechanisms
mar. 05 octobre 2004
MoCha-pi, an Exogenous Coordination Calculus based on Mobile Channels
mar. 21 septembre 2004
Functional modelling of biochemical networks
mar. 06 juillet 2004
Composed Software
mar. 29 juin 2004
Generic Ownership
mar. 22 juin 2004
BioReo: Coordination for Biological Modelling
mar. 15 juin 2004
Back To The Future: A Family of Algorithms for Termination Detection in Distributed Systems (Part II)
mar. 08 juin 2004
A Translation from Reo to Petri Nets and Vice-Versa
mar. 25 mai 2004
Visualization and operational semantics of Reo circuits
mar. 18 mai 2004
Landscape Maps for Enterprise Architectures
mar. 18 mai 2004
A Logical Viewpoint on Architectures
mar. 11 mai 2004
Weak bisimulation for action-type coalgebras
mar. 04 mai 2004
Automata, Bitstream functions, and Circuits
mar. 27 avril 2004
Compositionality in Logics for Coalgebras
mar. 13 avril 2004
What semantics fits with my aspects?
mar. 06 avril 2004
Back To The Future: A Family of Algorithms for Termination Detection in Distributed Systems (Part 1)
mar. 23 mars 2004
mar. 16 mars 2004
Automata and Fixed Point Logics for Coalgebras (part 2)
mar. 09 mars 2004
In the Name of the Role (sequel)
mar. 24 février 2004
Automata and Fixed Point Logics for Coalgebras
mar. 10 février 2004
In the Name of the Role
mar. 27 janvier 2004
A coalgebraic perspective on monotone modal logic
mar. 20 janvier 2004
The Differential Calculus of Bitstreams
mar. 13 janvier 2004
Reo: Operational Semantics, Animation and Model Checking
mar. 02 décembre 2003
MOnitoring Distributed Object and Component Communication
mar. 25 novembre 2003
Reo: Semantics and Tools for Design and Analysis. State-of-the-Art and Future Work
mar. 18 novembre 2003
Stone Coalgebras and Completeness for Coalgebraic Modal Logic
mar. 11 novembre 2003
Normative Multiagent Systems
mar. 28 octobre 2003
A Comparative Study of Arithmetic Constraints on Integer Intervals
mar. 07 octobre 2003
Integrating Formal Methods with XML
mar. 23 septembre 2003
Verification of Security Protocols with Rebeca
mar. 16 septembre 2003
MoCha, a coordination middleware based on mobile channels
mar. 09 septembre 2003
Composing Style-Based Software Architectures from Architectural Primitives
mar. 01 juillet 2003
Unifying the field of modal logics
mar. 24 juin 2003
A simulator for Reo
mar. 03 juin 2003
The OMEGA Component Model - part 1
mar. 27 mai 2003
Modelling component connectors in Reo by constraint automata
mar. 20 mai 2003
Coordination and Components in Cooperative Constraint Solving
mar. 06 mai 2003
Streams and stream circuits (a coinductive calculus of signal flow graphs)
mar. 22 avril 2003
The Phi-calculus - a new language for distributed control of continuous reconfigurable systems
mar. 01 avril 2003
Using ASF+SDF for the Verification of Annotated Java Programs
jeu. 27 mars 2003
Branching Time Relations for Markov Chains
mar. 18 mars 2003
Rebeca: An Actor-Based Model for Formal Modelling and Verification of Reactive Systems
mar. 04 mars 2003
A hierarchy of probabilistic system types
mar. 18 février 2003
A graphical user interface for REO
mar. 21 janvier 2003
Input-output logic
mar. 10 décembre 2002
Full Abstraction in Structural Operational Semantics
mar. 03 décembre 2002
A coalgebraic semantics for positive modal logic
mer. 27 novembre 2002
A Hoare Logic for Knowledge Programs
mar. 26 novembre 2002
FOLD: first order logic of domains
mar. 12 novembre 2002
Introduction to Presheaves, Open Maps, and Weak Factorisation Systems
mar. 22 octobre 2002
Abstract Behavior Types: A Foundation Model for Components and Their Composition
mar. 15 octobre 2002
Combining the Activator, Manifold, and... A Road to the future?
mar. 08 octobre 2002
(Co-)Algebraic semantics of Modal Logic
mar. 01 octobre 2002
Verification of Sequential Java Programs: A Computer-Aided Approach
mar. 17 septembre 2002
Coordination-Based Cooperation of Constraint Solvers in DICE
mar. 10 septembre 2002
Probabilistic GSOS
mar. 27 août 2002
Fully abstract semantics for OO
mar. 30 juillet 2002
A Framework for Visualizing and Simulating Reo
mar. 18 juin 2002
The OMEGA Component Model - part 2
mar. 04 juin 2002
O2C: A Semantic Thread From Objects to Components
mar. 21 mai 2002
A short survey of enterprise architectures and modeling tools
mar. 14 mai 2002
Finitary Coalgebraic Modal Logic (Canonical Models and Compactness)
mar. 07 mai 2002
The type of a component
mar. 16 avril 2002
Objects, components, and types (how to unify different research lines)
mar. 09 avril 2002
A Scriptable Planner Using Python as a Problem Definition Language
mar. 02 avril 2002
A gentle overview of categories and enriched categories
mar. 26 mars 2002
The TRIAL-SOLUTION project: keyphrase recognition in mathematical textbooks
mar. 26 février 2002
GSOS for probabilistic transition systems
mer. 13 février 2002
C-six: constructing a coinductive and compositional calculus of component connectors
mar. 29 janvier 2002
A coordination-based framework for parallel constraint solving
mar. 15 janvier 2002
A complete deductive calculus for (implications of) coequations
mar. 18 décembre 2001
Verification of security protocols using Casper and FDR
mar. 11 décembre 2001
Coalgebraic Modalities and Logics for Process Transformations
mar. 04 décembre 2001
Towards a Formal Specification of Reo
mar. 27 novembre 2001
Automatic generation of proof-outline for Java
mar. 20 novembre 2001
Modal Properties as Natural Transformations
mar. 06 novembre 2001
A proof theory for the multi-threaded flow of control in Java
jeu. 25 octobre 2001
Coinductive counting with weighted automata and continued fractions - part 2
jeu. 25 octobre 2001
On Coequations
jeu. 25 octobre 2001
Horn coequations
jeu. 25 octobre 2001
GSOS for probabilistic systems
jeu. 25 octobre 2001
From Coalgebras to (labeled) transition systems.
mar. 09 octobre 2001
Modeling infinite probabilistic choices using an ultrametric version of kernels
mar. 25 septembre 2001
Beyond Mu-Calculus: strong logics for strong bisimulation
mar. 11 septembre 2001
Coinductive counting with weighted automata and continued fractions - part 1
mar. 04 septembre 2001
Coordination of Mobile Components
mar. 10 juillet 2001
Recent trends in object oriented verification
mar. 12 juin 2001
Axiomatizing GSOS with termination
mar. 08 mai 2001
Rho: A Channel-based Coordination Paradigm for Mobile Components
mar. 24 avril 2001
Shared Data Space Systems: Verification and Expressiveness Results
mar. 10 avril 2001
Coordination and component based software architecture
mar. 27 mars 2001
Reasoning about probability and nondeterminism
mar. 27 février 2001
Elements of stream calculus
mar. 13 février 2001
Implementation of Mobile Channels
mar. 30 janvier 2001
Generalised Coinduction
mar. 16 janvier 2001
Modelling decentralized Control Problems using the Logic of Epistemic Actions
mar. 19 décembre 2000
Infinite intersection and union types for the lazy lambda calculus
mar. 14 novembre 2000
Semantical Principles in the Modal Logic of Coalgebras
mar. 31 octobre 2000
Back To The Future: A Family of Algorithms for Termination Detection in Distributed Systems
mar. 17 octobre 2000
Towards Quantitative Verification of Systems: a Metric Approach
mar. 03 octobre 2000
Modeling Games using Probabilistic-Epistemic Processes and Modal Logic
mar. 19 septembre 2000
On the Duality of Modal and Equational Logic
mar. 12 septembre 2000
On the Duality of Observability and Reachability
mar. 13 juin 2000
A logical interface description language for components
mar. 16 mai 2000
Back To The Future: A Family of DTD Algorithms
mar. 09 mai 2000
Stream calculus
mar. 28 mars 2000
Modeling continuous probabilistic choice using stochastic kernels
mar. 07 mars 2000
A Generalized Schema for Coinductive Definitions
mar. 08 février 2000
Combinators for hyperedge replacement graph rewriting

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