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  1. Correlated Pseudorandom Functions from Variable-Density Learning Parity with Noise

    Correlated randomness is a ubiquitous resource in cryptography. A one-time pad, namely a pair of identical random keys, enables perfectly secure communication. More complex forms of correlated randomness can similarly facilitate protocols for secure multiparty computation that allow two or more parties to jointly compute a function of secret inputs …

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  2. A Semantic Model for Interacting Cyber-Physical Systems

    We propose a component-based semantic model for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) wherein the notion of a component abstracts the internal details of both cyber and physical processes. Our semantic model uniformly exposes externally observable behaviors of components expressed as sets of sequences of observations. We introduce algebraic operations on such sequences …

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  3. Symbolic Execution Formally Explained

    The topic of this talk is a formal explanation of symbolic execution in terms of a symbolic transition system and prove its correctness and completeness with respect to an operational semantics which models the execution on concrete values. I will first introduce a formal model for a basic programming language …

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  4. On Dynamic Software Updates

    Software updates are dynamic if they are applied at run time. In this talk, we present ongoing work on dynamic updates for modular software. In the last decades, most research on dynamic software updates propose a practical update framework for specific monolithic software (such as C or Java programs). In …

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  5. PwoP: Intrusion-Tolerant and Privacy-Preserving Sensor Fusion

    We design and implement, PwoP, an efficient and scalable system for intrusion-tolerant and privacy-preserving multi-sensor fusion. PwoP develops and unifies techniques from dependable distributed systems and modern cryptography, and in contrast to prior works, can 1) provably defend against pollution attacks where some malicious sensors lie about their values to …

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