Applications of XML transformations

In this ACG presentation we will show how we applied XML transformation techniques to models. There will be example models from Enterprise Architectures and from UML.

First we will show a transformation technique developed at CWI: the Rule Markup Language (RML) and its tools.

After that there will be 2 slideshows with RML applications, these were presented at the ISOLA conference in Cyprus in oktober 2004.

1) The application of RML to Enterprise Architecture models is used to generate desired views, visualizations and to perform impact analysis.

2) The RML application to UML is used to specify the abstract semantics of a UML model: the UML model contains state-machines and the XML transformation are used to define the transitions in the state-machines. This approach results in a nice separation of high-level inter-object communications from lower-level intra-object primitive operations. Our approach also completely separates the execution of a model from the scheduling of the execution, a necessary requirement for studying real-time semantics.  

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