Normative Multiagent Systems

In a previous ACG presentation earlier this year I have discussed the basics of input/output logics (iol), which I developed together with David Makinson from King's College London. In this talk I discuss how a rule based logic like iol can be used in agent architectures, as well as in multiagent systems.

In particular, for agent architectures I discuss BOID agent architectures, which I developed together with several agent researchers now at University of Utrecht (see, and for multiagent systems I discuss normative multiagent systems which I developed together with Guido Boella from University of Torino.

A motivation for this talk is the potential use of concepts from normative multiagent systems for ArchiMate, for example to capture the notion (concern) of responsibility. This, however, will not be discussed explicitly during the talk, but at the end of the presentation there will be some time left for discussion.

Consequently, the layout of this talk will be as follows: 1. input/output logic reminder 2. BOID agent architectures 3. normative multiagent systems 4. optional discussion on norms and ArchiMate

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