Visualization and operational semantics of Reo circuits

The design of a distributed middleware that can directly speak Reo constitutes one of the important long term goals of SEN3. In this talk, we discuss several issues related to the roadmap we follow towards such a middleware. The talk consist of two parts. In the first part we discuss the need for a "proper" operational semantic for Reo that can facilitate a distributed implementation. Then we briefly introduce a tool for design and simulation of Reo circuits: tool architecture and functionality. This tool serves us as a playground for clarifying all kinds of details regarding the execution of Reo circuits. In the second part we use a series of examples starting from very simple ones, to incrementally introduce you to and demonstrate the complexities of the execution of Reo circuits. At the end, if time permits, we shall sketch out the Reo operational semantics that we have implemented in this tool. The introduction of the complete operational semantics requires a rather lengthy presentation and we will to this in a separate ACG talk.  

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