The TRIAL-SOLUTION project: keyphrase recognition in mathematical textbooks

TRAIL-SOLUTION stands for: Tools for Reusable Integrated Adaptable Learning - Systems/standards for Open Learning Using Tested Interoperable Objects and Networking. This is an IST project, funded by the European Commission, in which a number of universities, research institutes, software houses and publishers cooperate.

The central objective of the project is to provide learners, teachers and authors with tools to re-use learning objects from existing teaching materials. This is to be realized by a combination of: decomposition of documents into re-usable semantic units (slices); addition of meta-data to characterize these slices; automated knowledge management that uses meta-data and knowledge about the user's current situation to compose personalized documents to be delivered over the net.

The part of CWI in this project is to assign meta-data to these slices by using an automatic keyphrase assigner. Based on a pre-defined list of keyphrases and associated keywords, keyphrases can be assigned to a slice, when sufficient keywords are found in that slice.

This talk will start with an overview of the project, its objectives and methodologies. Then it focuses on the CWI part, viz. keyphrase recognition: the concepts, the implementation and some of the problems encountered during this work: mainly how to define appropriate lists of keyphrases. Also a design will be presented how to get such lists of keyphrases from suitable textbooks in (semi-)automated way.  

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