Revisiting the Coinductive Calculus of Reo Connectors

On the one hand and in contrast to previous semantics for Reo, the Connector Colouring (CC) semantics [1] allows to define and to calculate accurately the dataflow of Reo connectors that exhibit context dependent behaviour. On the other hand the coinductive semantics ant its calculus allows the use of coinduction to reason about expressiveness and connector equivalence. Therefore it seems reasonable to ask whether the coinductive model can be enhance in order to accommodate the extra class of connectors that one is able to describe accurately using CC semantics. In this talk I shall present some preliminaries ideas and results on that. I'll be revisiting the coinductive calculus proposed in [2] by F. Arbab and J. Rutten to reason about Reo Connectors.

[1] Connector Colouring I: Synchronization and Context Dependency, D. Clarke and D. Costa and F. Arbab

[2] A Coinductive Calculus of Component Connectors, F. Arbab and J. Rutten  

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