QoS-aware Routing in Infrastructure-less B3G Networks

In this talk I present some my recent work on service-oriented middleware for multi-network environments which is part of EU ICT PLASTIC project.

Modern mobile devices are featured by multiple network interfaces that allow them to communicate using not only cellular network infrastructures but also other independently administered networks. We view infrastructure-less B3G environments as the composition of infrastructured and ad hoc networks via devices that forward messages through different interfaces. One of the key challenges for realizing this view is inter-domain routing. Given the diversity of network technologies and infrastructures in those environments, a flexible protocol that takes into account their quality properties and dynamics is an important requirement to provide an adequate user-experience. We present a flexible QoS-aware routing protocol for infrastructure-less B3G environments that enables discovery of routes optimizing three different QoS properties according to client-defined criteria. The protocol is based on the Optimized Link-State Routing protocol (OLSR) and is designed to enable computation of quality-aware routes while still keeping its optimizations. We present the protocol, discuss its deployment on an infrastructure-less B3G network and provide some experimental evaluation.  

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