Modelling component connectors in Reo by constraint automata

In an earlier report:

F. Arbab, J.J.M.M. Rutten A coinductive calculus of component connectors Technical Report SEN-R0216, CWI, Amsterdam, 2002, pp. 1--17. To appear in the proceedings of WADT 2002. (Available at

a coinductive model for the component connector calculus Reo was presented in terms of relations (defined as greatest fixed points) on timed data streams. In this talk, an operational counterpart of this stream model is presented, based on what we have called constraint automata. In these automata, transitions are labelled by name sets (indicating which ends of a channel or connector are simultaneously active), and have a constraint (on the input and output data of the active ends) as a value. The issues of product and hiding of constraint automata, euivalence, and minimisation, will be briefly discussed.

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