MoCha-pi, an Exogenous Coordination Calculus (SAC try-out)

This talk is a try-out for the coordination-track session of the SAC2005 conference in Santa Fe,NM,USA. Therefore, we give a 20 minutes talk (which for sure will be extended by the many questions from the audience), plus that we hand out a copy of the paper.

A short summary: In this talk we present MoCha-pi, an exogenous coordination calculus that is based on mobile channels. A mobile channel is a coordination primitive that allows anonymous point-to-point communication between processes. Our calculus is an extension of the well-known pi-calculus. The novelty of MoCha-pi is that its channels are a special kind of process that allow other processes to communicate with each other and impose exogenous coordination through user defined channel types. Also new, is the fact that in our calculus channels are viewed as resources. Processes must compete with each other in order to gain access to a particular channel. This makes the calculus more in line with existing systems. An immediate application of this calculus is the modeling of the MoCha middleware, a distributed system that coordinates components using mobile channels.

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