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GRADES2016: Graph Data-management Experiences & Systems
Workshop Program - Friday June 24, 2016 - Redwood Shores

09:00-10:00 breakfast (provided)

10:00-10:15 workshop opening - Hassan Chafi, Peter Boncz

session 1: scalable graph analytics - Josep Lluis Larriba Pey

10:15-11:15 keynote Large-scale in-memory Graph Analytics - Jure Leskovec slides

11:15-11:45 GraphFrames: An Integrated API for Mixing Graph and Relational Queries - Ankur Dave, Alekh Jindal, Li Erran Li, Reynold Xin, Joseph Gonzalez, Matei Zaharia slides

11:45-12:15 DatalogRA: Datalog with Recursive Aggregation in the Spark RDD Model - Marek Rogala, Jan Hidders, Jacek Sroka slides

12:15-13:45 lunch (provided)

session 2: Graph Query Languages and Loading - Arnau Prat

13:45-14:15 Powerful and Efficient Bulk Shortest-Path Queries: Cypher language extension & Giraph implementation - Peter Rutgers, Claudio Martella, Spyros Voulgaris, Peter Boncz slides

14:15-14:45 PGQL: a Property Graph Query Language - Oskar van Rest, Sungpack Hong, Jinha Kim, Xuming Meng, Hassan Chafi slides

14:45-15:15 Evaluation of Parallel Graph Loading Techniques - Manuel Then, Moritz Kaufmann, Alfons Kemper, Thomas Neumann slides

15:15-15:45 coffee break

session 3: Updates on Graphs - Peter Boncz

15:45-16:15 Time-Evolving Graph Processing at Scale - Anand Padmanabha Iyer, Li Erran Li, Tathagata Das, Ion Stoica slides

16:15-16:45 ASGraph: A Mutable Multi-Versioned Graph Container with High Analytical Performance - Michael Haubenschild, Manuel Then, Sungpack Hong, Hassan Chafi slides

16:45-17:15 A Hybrid Solution for Mixed Workloads on Dynamic Graphs - Mahashweta Das, Alkis Simitsis, Kevin Wilkinson slides

17:15-17:20 workshop closing - Josep Lluis Larriba Pey slides

18:00-20:00 social dinner - place to be announced

GRADES 2016 key data:
Workshop:      Friday June 24
Submission:    May 4 (extended)
Notification:   May 15 (shifted)
Camera-ready June 24

Place: Oracle Conference Center in Redwood Shores (CA).