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List of presentations in 2002 (latest first)

(PEM) Java Class Hierarchies with Maximal Sharing.
Date: 12 December 2002, 10:00, C.001.
Speaker: Jurgen Vinju.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Adoption-Centric Software Engineering.
Date: 3 December 2002, 13:30, M.279.
Speaker: Dr. Hausi Muller (University of Victoria (BC), Canada).
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) GuideX: User Interface Definition Environment in XML.
Date: 31 October 2002, 10:00, M.280.
Speaker: Marcel Toele, Ruben Geerlings.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) jCosmo: Java Quality Assurance by Detecting Code Smells.
Date: 17 October 2002, 10:00, C.001.
Speaker: Leon Moonen.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Building Program Understanding Tools Using Visitor Combinator.
Date: 10 October 2002, 10:00, M279.
Speaker: Arie van Deursen.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Object Relational Mapping II.
Date: 12 September 2002, 10:00, M279.
Speaker: Alex van den Bergh.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Semantics-directed Implementation of Method-call Interception.
Date: 22 August 2002, 10:00, M.279.
Speaker: Christian Stenzel (Universität Rostock).
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) The Jikes Research Virtual Machine for Java.
Date: 12 August 2002, 13:30, M279.
Speaker: Vivek Sarkar.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Clone Detection in Java.
Date: 8 August 2002, 10:00, M280.
Speaker: Patrick Duin.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Animation of (Incremental) Algorithms in the Lrc System.
Date: 4 July 2002, 10:00, C.001.
Speaker: João Saraiva.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Software Metrics for Architecture Analysis.
Date: 27 June 2002, 11:00, M280.
Speaker: Johan Muskens.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) AspectS -- Aspect-Oriented Programming in Dynamic Systems.
Date: 25 June 2002, 10:00, M279.
Speaker: Robert Hirschfeld.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) The aspect-oriented instance of the semanticist’s dilemma.
Date: 25 June 2002, ± 11:00, M279.
Speaker: Ralf Lämmel.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Computer-aided specification and verification of object-oriented programs.
Date: 20 June 2002, 10:00, Z009.
Speaker: Frank de Boer.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Partial Redundancy Elimination: A Simple, Pragmatic, and Provably Correct Algorithm.
Date: 17 June 2002, 11:00, M279.
Speaker: Y.N. Srikant.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Object Programming in a Rule-Based Language with Strategies.
Date: 13 June 2002, 10:00, C.001.
Speaker: Hubert Dubois.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) ATerms and XML with Stratego.
Date: 30 May 2002, 10:00, M279.
Speaker: Martin Bravenboer.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) RevJava — a Review Assistant for Java Software.
Date: 16 May 2002, 10:00, M279.
Speaker: Gert Florijn.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Object Relational Mappings, JDO vs. WebObjects.
Date: 2 May 2002, 10:00, M279.
Speaker: Ernst-Jan Verhoeven and Alex van den Bergh.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) The newer Meta-Environment.
Date: 25 April 2002, 10:00, C0.01.
Speaker: Pieter Olivier and Mark van den Brand.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) The Eclipse Platform - A Meta-IDE.
Date: 18 April 2002, 13:00, C.001.
Speaker: Tobias Kuipers.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) The Grammar Deployment Kit.
Date: 4 April 2002, 10:00, F013 (UvA).
Speaker: Jan Kort.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Turning DocGen into a Product Line.
Date: 21 March 2002, 10:00, C0.01.
Speaker: Merijn de Jonge.
Materials: [Abstract]
(CANCELLED) RevJava — a Review Assistant for Java Software.
Date: 14 March 2002, 10:00, M279.
Speaker: Gert Florijn.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) The Reengineering Wiki.
Date: 21 February 2002, 10:00, F013 (UvA).
Speaker: Arie van Deursen and Eelco Visser.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) CobolX.
Date: 7 February 2002, 10:00, C001.
Speaker: Hedzer Westra.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) The Police Files — JJForester applied.
Date: 24 January 2002, 10:00, F.013 (UVA).
Speaker: Tobias Kuipers and Joost Visser.
Materials: [Abstract]
(PEM) Legacy splitting: the next step in Enterprice Application Integration.
Date: 17 January 2002, 10:00, M2.80 CWI.
Speaker: Huub Bakker.
Materials: [Abstract]

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