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  1. Reo: Extended Semantics and Tools

    In this second talk about Reo, I will briefly introduce several other semantic models that capture context-dependency in Reo connectors, namely, Intentional Automata and Reo Automata. Then I will introduce Action Constraint Automata which generalize Constraint Automata by allowing more observations on Reo ports. This model is used for describing …

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  2. Tool demonstration

    Software Tools Demonstration

    A number of our colleague in SEN3 have been developing software tools in the context of their various projects. Many, but not all, of these tools are related to Reo and are integrated into the Eclipse Coordination Tools (ECT). The ECT also incorporates some tools developed by …

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  3. QoS-aware Routing in Infrastructure-less B3G Networks

    In this talk I present some my recent work on service-oriented middleware for multi-network environments which is part of EU ICT PLASTIC project.

    Modern mobile devices are featured by multiple network interfaces that allow them to communicate using not only cellular network infrastructures but also other independently administered networks. We …

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  4. Using Reo for Compliance-driven Design of Service-Oriented Applications

    Currently, there are no well-established techniques to ensure dynamic and ongoing compliance of services-oriented applications to business regulations that come out from legislative and regulatory documents such as Basel II1, IFRS2, MiFID3, LSF4, HIPAA, Tabaksblat5, and the Sarbanes-Oxley6 Act, as well as from internal movements of business stakeholders towards Quality …

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