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  1. Determinization constructions: from automata to coalgebras

    The powerset construction is a standard method for converting a nondeterministic automaton into an equivalent deterministic one as far as language is concerned. In this talk, we lift the powerset construction on automata to the more general framework of coalgebras with structured state spaces. Examples of applications include partial Mealy …

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  2. Tool demonstration

    Software Tools Demonstration

    A number of our colleague in SEN3 have been developing software tools in the context of their various projects. Many, but not all, of these tools are related to Reo and are integrated into the Eclipse Coordination Tools (ECT). The ECT also incorporates some tools developed by …

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  3. Innovation in the Practice of Computer Science Education to follow Bologna

    The "adoption of a system of easily readable and comparable degrees" stated in the Bologna declaration, requires, from higher education institutions, a move towards innovative student-centred approaches which align course units planning, teaching and assessment. This presentation, by a member of the staff team -- the students tutor, reports and reviews …

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