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  1. Deconstructing Reo

    Understanding and implementing Reo has been challenging due to interaction of the 'channel metaphor', which is an inherently local notion, and the non-local nature of constraint propagation imposed by composition. In this work, the channel metaphor takes a back seat, and we focus on the behavioural constraints imposed by the …

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  2. Towards Distributed Reo

    Various semantic models exist to formalize Reo, each serving a different purpose. In this work we mainly focus on formal models suitable for deriving a distributed implementation.

    For our implementation platform, we assume a distributed environment where each (distributed) element knows about its own neighbors only. We propose an executable …

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  3. Reo Connector Animation

    In this talk we present Connector Animation---a framework which combines Connector Colouring semantics and the visual syntax of Reo connectors to define Animation Description. The Animation Description is a formal abstract representation for both the structure and the behaviour of Reo connectors suitable to be animated using standard animation tools …

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  4. Pointwise-Pointfree Transformations

    There are several programming styles in functional programming, and none is considered to be the best. Two opposite styles are, for example, pointwise and pointfree, that can be differentiated mainly by the use of variables in the first case, and their inexistence in the second one. In this project a …

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