Jorge Amaya
Innovative techniques and technology for the study of space weather (pdf)

Algo Care'
Three ideas for adaptive sampling of points in uncertainty quantification (pdf)

Mandar Chandorkar
Probabilistic forecasting of the disturbance storm time index: An autoregressive Gaussian process approach (pdf)

Michael Galloy
Real-time automated detection of coronal mass ejections using ground-based coronagraph instruments (pdf)

Marina Gruet
Prediction of the magnetic index am based on development and performance comparisons of static and dynamic neural networks(pdf)

Jordan Guerra
Modeling Ensemble Forecasts of Solar Flares (pdf)

Massimo Materassi
What Stochastic Dynamics can do for Space Weather (pdf)

Ryan McGranaghan
Next Generation Methodologies to Advance Space Weather Monitoring and Predictability: A New Perspective through Network Analysis (pdf)

Daniel Muller
3D Visualization of Solar Data Preparing for Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus (pdf)

Mohamed Nedal
Investigating the Coronal Magnetic Field from the Type-II radio burst event on 2 May 2013 (pdf)

Luciano Rodriguez
The COMESEP Space Weather Alert System (pdf)

Chao Yue
Applications of machine learning technique at the inner magnetosphere: a 2D plasmasheet pressure model and a 3D plasma density model (pdf)