Workshop on Solving Polynomial Equations and Applications

CWI, Amsterdam

5-7 October, 2022

Polynomial equations are at the heart of many problems in pure and applied mathematics. They form a powerful tool for modelling nonlinear phenomena in the sciences. Application areas range from robotics, chemistry and computer vision to quantum physics and statistics. Recent progress has made it possible to reliably solve challenging polynomial equations arising in such practical contexts. This workshop will feature a friendly introduction to existing methods, presentations of the latest software tools and research talks by experts in the field. The focus will be on new trends and methodology, as well as applications in the sciences.

The list of invited speakers is (in alphabetic order):
- Matías R. Bender (TU Berlin)
- Wieb Bosma (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)
- Paul Breiding (MPI Leipzig)
- Elisenda Feliu (University of Copenhagen)
- Evelyne Hubert (Inria Sophia Antipolis)
- Bernard Mourrain (Inria Sophia Antipolis)
- Mohab Safey El Din (University Paris Sorbonne)
- Cecília Salgado (Groningen University)
- Bernd Sturmfels (MPI Leipzig, UC Berkeley)
- Rosa Winter (King's College London)

The workshop will start with a masterclass on solving polynomial equations, with a focus on homotopy methods, normal form methods, computer algebra methods, and symbolic-numeric algorithms. This will include introductory lectures and demos on how to use existing software tools. The presentations will be delivered by Matías R. Bender, Paul Breiding and Simon Telen on Wednesday 5 October, and by Wieb Bosma and Mohab Safey El Din on Thursday 6 October.

This is combined with research talks by the other invited speakers. We encourage students and young researchers to participate and contribute a research poster. For submission instructions see below.

Poster submission

To submit a poster please send a title and abstract to Simon Telen (Simon.Telen at by Friday 23 September.


Participation is free, but registration is mandatory since the workshop has a limited capacity. Please register here.


CWI, room TBA

CWI, Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam.


Interested participants may make a hotel reservation at Hotel Casa. Hotel Casa (Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, Amsterdam) is conveniently located near Amstel train station and from there you can walk, cycle or take the bus to CWI.


Simon Telen (CWI, Max-Planck Institute Leipzig), Monique Laurent (CWI, Tilburg University)

If you have any questions please contact us (Simon.Telen at