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  1. Reo: Semantics and Tools for Design and Analysis. State-of-the-Art and Future Work

    Reo is a channel-based exogenous coordination model wherein complex coordinators are compositionally built out of basic channel types (like synchronous or FIFO channels) and connectors. In this talk, first we will briefly explain the semantics of Reo based on languages of Timed Data Streams and an operational semantics based on …

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  2. Modelling component connectors in Reo by constraint automata

    In an earlier report:

    F. Arbab, J.J.M.M. Rutten A coinductive calculus of component connectors Technical Report SEN-R0216, CWI, Amsterdam, 2002, pp. 1--17. To appear in the proceedings of WADT 2002. (Available at http://www.cwi.nl/~janr)

    a coinductive model for the component connector calculus Reo was …

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  3. Rebeca: An Actor-Based Model for Formal Modelling and Verification of Reactive Systems

    Object-oriented modelling is known to be an appropriate approach for representing concurrent and distributed systems. Besides having an appropriate and efficient way for modelling these systems, one needs a formal verification approach for ensuring their correctness. Therefore, we have developed an actor-based model for describing such systems.

    We use temporal …

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