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  1. Landscape Maps for Enterprise Architectures

    Landscape maps are a technique for visualizing enterprise architectures. They present architectural elements in the form of an easy to understand 2D 'map'. A landscape map view on architectures provides non-technical stakeholders, such as managers, with a high-level overview, without burdening them with technicalities of architectural drawings. In this paper …

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  2. Normative Multiagent Systems

    In a previous ACG presentation earlier this year I have discussed the basics of input/output logics (iol), which I developed together with David Makinson from King's College London. In this talk I discuss how a rule based logic like iol can be used in agent architectures, as well as …

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  3. Input-output logic

    Joint work with David Makinson, King's College London.

    Input-output logic (IOL) is a theory of input/output operations resembling inference, but where input propositions are not in general included among outputs, and the operation is not in any way reversible. Examples arise in contexts of conditional obligations, goals, ideals, preferences …

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