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  1. MoCha-pi, an Exogenous Coordination Calculus based on Mobile Channels

    In this talk we present MoCha-pi, an exogenous coordination calculus that is based on mobile channels. A mobile channel is a coordination primitive that allows anonymous point-to-point communication between processes. Our calculus is an extension of the well-known pi-calculus. The novelty of MoCha-pi is that its channels are a special …

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  2. MoCha, a coordination middleware based on mobile channels

    MoCha is a framework for distributed communication and collaboration using mobile channels as its medium. Channels allow directed, anonymous, and peer-to-peer communication among entities, while mobility ensures that the structure of their connections can change over time in arbitrary ways. MoCha provides communication mechanisms without requiring central servers or fixed …

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  3. Implementation of Mobile Channels

    Joint-work with F. Arbab, M.M. Bonsangue, and F.S. de Boer.

    A mobile channel is a link that provides an asynchronous and anonymous means of communication between two components in a distributed system . A channel is called mobile if either of its (channel-)ends can be moved from one …

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