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  1. Closure Properties of Coalgebra Automata

    Coalgebra automata are finite automata that operate on (possibly) infinite objects which are represented as pointed coalgebras. Examples from the literature such as automata on infinite words, trees and graphs can be seen as coalgebra automata.

    In my talk I will first recall the definition of a coalgebra automaton. Then …

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  2. A coalgebraic perspective on monotone modal logic

    There is an obvious connection between coalgebra and modal logic: Coalgebras for an endofunctor T can be seen as abstract dynamic systems or transition systems, and modal logic seems to be the natural specification language to talk about these systems. Monotone modal logics generalise normal modal logics by weakening the …

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  3. (Co-)Algebraic semantics of Modal Logic

    The main part of the talk will be an overview over some basic notions of modal logic. This will include Kripke semantics, algebraic semantics and a comparison of the two. The notion of a (descriptive) general frame is used to combine these two approaches. We then will show how one …

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