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GRADES2017: Graph Data-management Experiences & Systems
Accepted Papers

These papers have been accepted for publication with a talk and a poster at the workshop:

  1. SPARQL Graph Pattern Processing with Apache Spark.
    Hubert Naacke; Bernd Amann; Olivier Cure.
  2. Entropy-based selection of Graph Cuboids.
    Dritan Bleco; Yannis Kotidis.
  3. Cypher-based Graph Pattern Matching in Gradoop.
    Martin Junghanns; Max Kießling; Alex Averbuch; Andre Petermann; Erhard Rahm.
  4. Towards a property graph generator for benchmarking.
    Arnau Prat; Joan Guisado-Gamez; Xavier Fernandez-Salas; Petr Koupy; Siegfried Depner; Davide Basilio Bartolini.
  5. PGX.D Async: A Scalable Distributed Graph Pattern Matching Engine.
    Nicholas P. Roth; Vasileios Trigonakis; Sungpack Hong; Hassan Chafi; Anthony Potter; Boris Motik; Ian Horrocks.
  6. Granula: Towards Fine-grained Performance Analysis of Large-scale Graph Processing Platforms.
    Wing Lung Ngai; Tim Hegeman; Stijn Heldens; Alexandru Iosup.
  7. GraphGen: Adaptive Graph Extraction and Analytics over Relational Databases.
    Konstantinos Xirogiannopoulos; Virinchi Srinivas; Amol Deshpande.
  8. Extending SQL for Computing Shortest Paths.
    Dean De Leo; Peter Boncz.
  9. An Analysis of the Feasibility of Graph Compression Techniques for Indexing Regular Path Qeries.
    Frank Tetzel; Hannes Voigt; Marcus Paradies; Wolfgang Lehner.
These papers have been accepted for publication with a poster-only presentation at the workshop:
  1. Cytosm: Declarative Property Graph Queries Without Data Migration.
    Benjamin A Steer; Alhamza Alnaimi; Marco Lotz; Felix Cuadrado; Luis Vaquero; Joan Varvenne.
  2. Can Modern Graph Processing Engines Run Concurrent Queries?
    Matthias Hauck; Marcus Paradies; Holger Froening.
  3. Do We Need Specialized Graph Databases? Benchmarking Real-Time Social Networking Applications.
    Anil Pacaci; Alice Zhou; Jimmy Lin; Tamer Öszu.
  4. Finding Top K Shortest Simple Paths with Improved Space Efficiency.
    Qingsong Wen; Ren Chen; Lifeng Nai; Li Zhou; Yinglong Xia.

GRADES 2017 key data:
Submission:    March 27 23:59PST
Notification:   April 5
Camera-ready:April 19
Workshop:      Friday May 19

Due to SIGMOD moving recently, GRADES2017 will also be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA.