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  1. Synthesis of Reo Circuits from Scenario-based Specifications

    It is difficult to construct correct models for distributed large-scale service-oriented applications. Typically, the behavior of such applications emerge from interaction and collaboration of multiple components/services. On the other hand, each component, in general, takes part in multiple scenarios. Consequently, not only components, but also their interaction protocols are …

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  2. Synthesis of Connectors from Scenario-based Interaction Specifications

    The idea of synthesizing state-based models from scenario-based interaction specifications has received much attention in recent years. The synthesis approach not only helps to significantly reduce the effort of system construction, but it also provides a bridge over the gap between requirements and implementation of systems. However, the existing synthesis …

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  3. Web Services Choreography and Orchestration in Reo and Constraint Automata

    Currently web services constitute one of the most important topics in the realm of the World Wide Web. Composition of web services lets developers create applications on top of service-oriented computing platforms. Current web services choreography and orchestration proposals, such as BPEL4WS, WSCDL, and WSCI, provide notations for describing the …

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  4. Component connectors with QoS Guarantees

    Recently, it is realized that in distributed applications, software engineers must also consider Quality of Service (QoS), which is a measure of the non-functional properties of services along multiple dimensions, such as reliability, security, scalability, performance (response time, for instance), etc. when designing component connections. In this talk we will …

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  5. Modelling and Refinement of Component-based Software Systems: A Coalgebraic Perspective

    Although increasingly popular, software component techniques still lack suitable formal foundations on top of which rigorous methodologies for the description and analysis of component-based systems could be built. This talk is about my thesis work and aims to contribute in this direction: building on the previous work "components as coalgebras …

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