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  1. Coordination and Components in Cooperative Constraint Solving

    Coordination programming deals with building complex software systems from largely autonomous component systems. Cooperative constraint solving, which is widely recognized as a technique for improving the efficiency of constraint solving, is an area that may benefit from techniques developed in Coordination Programming: the solvers that we want to have cooperate …

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  2. Coordination-Based Cooperation of Constraint Solvers in DICE

    DICE (DIstributed Constraint Environment) is a software framework, implemented using the Manifold coordination language, for constructing distributed constraint solvers from software components in a number of predefined categories. One of these component categories contains incomplete constraint solvers, that can act as a domain reduction operator inside a constraint propagation algorithm …

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  3. A coordination-based framework for parallel constraint solving

    In this talk, I will present a framework for the configuration of parallel constraint solvers. The framework is implemented in the Manifold coordination language, and provides coordination services to software components in four categories: domain types for the variables of a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP), (incomplete) constraint solvers that reduce …

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