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  1. Delta Modeling Workflow

    In this session we present recent work in Delta Modeling. Delta Modeling is an approach towards modeling variability in software product lines. We will present the Delta Modeling Workflow (DMW), a formal step-by-step guide towards building a software product line from scratch. An approach that enjoys several beneficial properties. For …

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  2. Delta Modeling

    A software product line (SPL) is a family of software systems with well defined commonalities and variabilities. These systems (products) are uniquely identified by a set of features. But a feature is merely a label. To attach semantics to features, the code base for an SPL should be organized in …

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  3. Mist: The Programming Language

    In this meeting we would like to discuss the development of the Mist programming language. Our goal is to create a new programming language with many promising features, prominently among them an integrated proof framework. The hope is to automatically generate formal proof of correctness, rather than relying solely on …

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