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  1. A logic for strong late bisimilarity

    We define logical counterparts for constructions including dynamic name allocation and name exponentiation and show that they are dual to standard constructs in functor categories. In particular, we show that the final coalgebra of a functor defined by Stark and Fiore, Moggi and Sangiorgi in terms of these constructs give …

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  2. A Logical Viewpoint on Architectures

    In this talk we introduce a logical viewpoint on architectures. The logical viewpoint is based on the distinction between symbolic and semantic models of architectures. The core of a symbolic model consists of its signature that specifies symbolically its structural elements and their relationships. A semantic model is defined as …

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  3. FOLD: first order logic of domains

    We introduce an interpretation of domains in terms of a logic including bounded existential and universal quantifiers. The logic is compositional with respect to domain constructors like function space and Plotkin powerdomain, and sound with respect to the ordinary interpreation of domains as some kind of complete partial orders. A …

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  4. O2C: A Semantic Thread From Objects to Components

    In this tutorial we present the basic concepts that underlie object oriented and component based software engineering and their semantic justifications. We start with the basic concepts such as abstract data types and inheritance, as used in the object oriented paradigm to enhance reuse, modularity, and maintenance of software. We …

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