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  1. Scheduling Protocols

    Interactions amongst different processes in concurrent software are governed by a protocol. The blocking I/O operations involved in a protocol may temporarily suspend the execution of some processes in an application. Scheduling consists of the allocation of available processors to the appropriate non-suspended processes in an application, such that …

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  2. Compilation of Reo protocols

    Reo is an interaction-centric model of concurrency for compositional specification of communication and coordination protocols. Recently, Jongmans developed techniques to compile Reo protocols into executable code. Benchmarks show that compilation of Reo protocols can produce code whose performance is comparable or even beats that of hand-crafted programs. Unfortunately, Jongmans' techniques …

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  3. Scheduling of Parallel Applications

    Most parallel applications leave the scheduling problem of their constituent processes to a general purpose scheduler, such as an operating system scheduler. Generally, constituent processes of a parallel application interact. For example, one process interacts with another by using its produced data. These interactions of processes introduce dependencies amongst them …

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