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  1. Connector Colouring Revisited: Preliminary Results

    Connector colouring was devised as a way of determinining which "macro-step" of a connector to perform next, abstracting away from details such as "which state to go into". Connector colouring has served as a suitable basis for implementing connectors, but it still remains somewhat mysterious and problematic. This talk recasts …

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  2. Reasoning about Reo's Reconfiguration Mechanisms

    From a semantic perspective, the reconfiguration features of Reo have not yet been explored. This talk presents their semantics in terms of sequences of constraint automata. In addition, a logic for reasoning about Reo connectors in the presence of reconfiguration is described. Interestingly, the logic is decideable, although its underlying …

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  3. BioReo: Coordination for Biological Modelling

    We present BioReo, an application of the Reo coordination paradigm to provide a compositional formal model for describing and reasoning about the behaviour of biological systems, such as regulatory gene networks. Reo governs the interaction and flow of data between components by constructing connector circuits which have a precise formal …

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