Workshop on Computational Number Theory
on the occasion of Herman te Riele's retirement from CWI Amsterdam

CWI Amsterdam, The Netherlands    
December 1 - 2, 2011



Workshop on Computational Number Theory - WCNT 2011

NEWS: Links to the slides of the talks can be found in the Program.

Two subjects in computational number theory, related to Herman te Riele's research at CWI during the past 40+ years:

  • Factoring large numbers
  • Computations on zeta and other functions

WCNT 2011 was held from December 1 to 2 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and took place at CWI, the Dutch Center for Mathematics and Computer Science.

Organization and Support

WCNT 2011 was organized by CWI's Cryptology Group (in particular: Herman te Riele, Arjen Lenstra, Niek Bouman, Susanne van Dam) and supported by NWO.