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Read the important notes below first. Then visit our registration page here.


now - Jun 16 Jun 17 - Jun 24 Jun 25 - Jul 7 On-site
Student 130$ 170$ 170$ 220$
Regular 230$ 300$ 300$ 380$
banquet incl. banquet incl. no banquet no banquet

Note that banquet is part of a normal registration, but if you register after June 24th, you don't get to go to the banquet. We need to finalize the number of banqet attendants by June 24th, so while the fees after Jun 25th are the same, the effective price increases.

When you register before June 25th, there are options for extra banquet tickets (i.e., if someone, say, wants to bring a guest to the banquet, they can purchase extra tickets at $45/per person).

Payment Method

People can currently use major credit cards to pay. We will also enable payment by PayPal but this will only become possible in the beginning of June.


Registration includes a CD containing the proceedings, i.e. all accepted papers as pdf files. These will also be made available on the web. People interested in old-fashioned style printed proceedings can purchase them directly at brightdoc. Upon request, the printer can deliver these in time to the conference location so that they can be picked up there. The printed proceedings cannot be purchased via the registration link above.

Page Charges

Also, there is the option to pay per-page charges at $150 per page (max of 2 extra pages). This is only for those registrants that will present a regular paper at UAI with 9 or 10 pages. People can register early, and go in later to add the extra page charges and it will show up as an incremented charge.