ICITS 2011  5th International Conference on Information Theoretic Security

Amsterdam, The Netherlands    
May 21 - 24, 2011



Rump Session

ICITS 2011 features a rump session. The rump session is intended to be an informal session in which participants can give short presentations. These may be on recent results, work in progress, announcements, and other topics of interest to the community. Presentations that are not purely technical in nature are also possible (and encouraged!). The rump session takes place on Monday afternoon, as indicated in the conference program.

The names of the speakers giving a rump session talk and the titles of their presentations will be listed on this web site (unless unwanted).

In order to apply for a slot in the rump session, please send an email to Niek Bouman, N.J.Bouman(at)cwi.nl, before Monday, May 23, 12:00 noon (Amsterdam time). The email should mention the name of the speaker, the title of the presentation, a short abstract, and an indication of how much time is needed for the presentation. The latter should be around 5 minutes, and not more than 10.


Rump Session (Chair: Niek Bouman)
Almost Ramp Secret Sharing Schemes from Luby Transform Codes
Yvo Desmedt
Secret Keys from Channel Noise
Hadi Ahmadi
Pseudorandomness from Goldreich’s Function
Benny Applebaum
Constant-Rate Oblivious Transfer from Noisy Channels
Jürg Wullschleger
ICITS 2012 Announcement
Jürg Wullschleger