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GRADES2015: Graph Data-management Experiences & Systems
Accepted Papers

These are the accepted papers:

  1. Large-Scale BSP Graph Processing in Distributed Non-Volatile Memory - Takumi Nito, Hiroshi Uchigaito, Yoshiko Nagasaka (Hitachi, Ltd.).
  2. Join Processing for Graph Patterns: An Old Dog with New Tricks - Dung Nguyen, Molham Aref, Martin Bravenboer, George Kollias (LogicBlox Inc.), Hung Ngo (University at Buffalo, SUNY), Christopher Ré (Stanford University), Atri Rudra (University at Buffalo, SUNY).
  3. Online Partitioning of Multi-Labeled Graphs - Ioanna Filippidou, Yannis Kotidis (AUEB).
  4. Frappé: Querying the Linux Kernel Dependency Graph - Nathan Hawes, Ben Barham, Cristina Cifuentes (Oracle Labs).
  5. Microblogging Queries on Graph Databases: An Introspection - Oshini Goonetilleke (RMIT University), Saket Sathe (IBM Research, Australia), Timos Sellis, Xiuzhen Zhang (RMIT University).
  6. Understanding Graph Structure of Wikipedia for Query Expansion Joan Guisado-Gámez, Arnau Prat (DAMA-UPC).
  7. Graphalytics: A Big Data Benchmark for Graph-Processing Platforms - Mihai Capotă, Tim Hegeman, Alexandru Iosup (Delft University of Technology), Arnau Prat (UPC), Orri Erling (Openlink Software), Peter Boncz (CWI).
  8. Constructing Bisimulation Summaries on a Multi-Core Graph Processing Framework - Shahan Khatchadourian, Mariano Consens (University of Toronto).

More detailed information on the GRADES2015 program will follow beginning of May.

GRADES 2015 key data:
Submission:    March 19 (shifted)
Notification:   April 12
Camera-ready: May 1
Workshop:      Sunday May 31