Best Paper Award

The WINE 2015 Best Paper Award is given to

Sepehr Assadi, Sanjeev Khanna, Yang Li and Rakesh Vohra
Fast Convergence in the Double Oral Auction

Excerpt of the assessment of the committee:

The paper deals with double oral auctions and provides a theoretical framework that can be seen as a justification to experiments that have been reported in practice that exhibit convergence in such markets to equilibrium outcomes. The authors results provide some partial answer to a conjecture by Friedman. To do this, the authors define a mechanism that simulates a double oral auction scheme and establish convergence to a Walrasian equilibrium in polynomial time (under some mild assumptions).
The committee felt that the paper had both technical and conceptual merits that surpassed the other candidate papers.

This is the first time in the history of WINE that an award is given to the best paper. The prize is sponsored by Springer and worth 1000 Euro.