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TCSA Day 2013

We are happy to invite you to the fourth annual
which will take place on The TCSA Day is intended to be an annual event, taking place in the Fall, to alternate with the national NVTI Theory Day that takes place in Spring. The event is organized jointly by CWI, UvA, and VU, and its aim is to foster cooperation among the various TCS-reseachers in and around Amsterdam. Its Steering Committee consists of Jan Bergstra (UvA), Harry Buhrman (CWI, UvA), and Wan Fokkink (VU). The Organizing Committee are Alban Ponse (UvA), Femke van Raamsdonk (VU), Leen Torenvliet (UvA), and Ronald de Wolf (CWI, UvA). The 2009 edition took place at the VU, the 2010 edition at CWI, and the 2011 edition at UvA.

The programme consists of three talks by researchers from CWI, UvA, and VU. There is no need to register. Tea and coffee will be provided.



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