Dear SIGMOD 2010 author,

In case you volunteer to participate in the Repeatability &
Workability Evaluation process for accepted SIGMOD 2010 papers, we
kindly ask you to prepare the following and make it available for us to
download, preferably by {TBA}.

- Camera-ready version of your accepted SIGMOD 2010 paper (as PDF).

- Your code plus scripts and instruction to compile it on (at least) the
  same platform (hardware architecture and operating system) as you used
  (see details below).
  In addition to the code, you can also provide pre-compiled binaries.
  In the exceptional case that your cannot provide us (RWE + RWC) with your
  code for good reasons (i.e., strict commercial IP limitation --- please
  explain in detail!), supplying only your binaries would be acceptable.

- Scripts/programs to run your experiments, extract the data as used in your
  papers and present the results as tables, graphs, etc. as in your paper.
  Please make sure, you document your scripts/programs well and include
  detailed usage instructions.
  Describe each experiment individually and relate it to the respective
  section and/or table/figure in your paper.
  For the "workability" evaluation, please also provide scripts/programs for
  alternative and/or additional experiments that go beyond the ones
  presented in your paper, or at least include suggestions how to modify
  and/or extend your experiments by using alternative datasets and/or
  different parameters.

- The datasets (and/or data generators) you used for your experiments plus
  preferably alternative/extended/modified datasets for extended
  experimentation for the "workability" evaluation. Pointers to the original
  sources of publicly available datasets (and/or generators) are also

- Specifications of the computer system(s) required to run your experiments,
  including the following information:
  + Operating System
    (e.g., "Windows Vista 32bit", "Fedora 9 (Linux 2.6.25)",
           "MacOSX 10.5 Leopard (Darwin 9.5.0)", etc.)
  + Class of hardware
    (e.g., Laptop, Desktop, Workstation, Server, ...)
  + CPU type
    (e.g., "Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz",
           "Intel Pentium M (Dothan) @ 1.50GHz", etc.)
  + # cores per CPU
  + # CPUs per machine
  + main memory (RAM) size per machine
  + storage/disk system
    (e.g. "single 120 GB laptop disk @ 5400 RPM",
          "5x 500 GB S-ATA disk at 7200 RPM as RAID-0", "32 GB SSD", etc.)
  + free disk space per machine

- Information about required software, like DBMSs, compilers, scripting
  languages, virtual machines, compilers, tools, etc.

The following DTD and XML example should help you to collect and organize
this information in a "standardized" format:

Preferably, create a clear directory structure to collect the above listed
collections of files, and pack everything into a portable archive (e.g.,
zip, tar).

In case you have any comments and/or questions regarding the SIGMOD 2010
Repeatability & Workability Evaluation process, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

We will provide you with further details about Wiki/Blog for interaction
with the reviewers within the next two weeks.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.

Best regards,
Ioana Manolescu
Stefan Manegold

| Dr. Stefan Manegold | |
| CWI,  P.O.Box 94079 |  |
| 1090 GB Amsterdam   | Tel.: +31 (20) 592-4212       |
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