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Repeatability & Workability Evaluation

SIGMOD 2008 was the first database conference that offered to test submitters' programs against their data to verify the repeatability of the experiments published. A detailed report on this initiative is has been published in ACM SIGMOD Record, 37(1):39-45, March 2008.

Given the quite positive experiences with and feedback about the SIGMOD 2008 repeatability initiative, SIGMOD 2009 continued the repeatability initiative in a slightly modified and extended version. A report on this effort has been published in ACM SIGMOD Record, 38(3):40-43, September 2009.


The Goal

On a voluntary basis, authors of accepted SIGMOD 2009 papers can provide their code/binaries, experimental setups and data to be tested for

by a repeatability & workability committee (RWC) under the responsibility of the repeatability & workability officers (RWO).

The People

The RWO are Ioana Manolescu and Stefan Manegold.
The RWC are

Instruction for authors

Detailed instrcutions for authors as sent out by email are also available here.

The Process

After the acceptance notification, willing authors of an accepted paper are invited to transmit to the RWO

The RWO will designate for each submission:

The first and second reviewer will interact until they are both satisfied with the terms of the report. They will both sign the report. If there is disagreement that the reviewers cannot work out, the RWO have the final say. They may propose alternative wording for the report, more tests, and/or endorse responsibility together with one reviewer, if the other cannot agree with the chosen wording (and thus is unwilling to sign it).

During the evaluation, the first reviewer and the authors interact via a Wiki or Blog dedicated to the paper. The second reviewer and the RWO may also post on that page. The recommendation is that the first reviewer is left alone with the authors during the first 2/3rds of the reviewing period, to avoid confusion. The Wiki/Blog is used to document all interaction between the reviewers and the authors.

Since it is not our major goal to test/evaluate the authors' packaging and scripting skills and techniques, the authors will be allowed to provide support and fixes in case the reviewers have problems to install, setup and/or run the authors experiments. Like all other communication between the reviewers and the authors, also such support and fixes must be documented on the Wiki/Blog.

The identity of the reviewers is hidden during the evaluation process, but obviously will be revealed afterwards by the reviewers signing their report.

The Output

The final RW report on the Wiki/Blog will include

The final RW report will be visible for all on the Wiki/Blog site, and will be linked to from the ACM Digital Library site with the paper.

Code Archiving

Participating in the repeatability/workability evaluation does not entail the code is archived for everyone to use subsequently. If the authors agree to provide their code for archiving, it will go in the SIGMOD digital library.

Maintained by Stefan Manegold RWE 2008 2009 2010 2011 hosted by CWI